About us

About us

Sue and Brett came to England from South Africa in 2002 and have been married over 22 years. They have 7 children between them and currently 14 grandchildren.  Their unique story comes from their early experiences as children living in the profound disconnection of Apartheid South Africa, the lessons gained in reconnecting and building their own relationship and their vision to teach and guide people into connection. Their unique story informs their work personally and together as a couple creating powerful trainings with a passion for inspiring others and themselves to live in connection from their essence.

Over their years together, Sue and Brett have studied Integrative Therapy and various Coaching models, Imago Relationship Therapy, Appreciative Inquiry, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Brain Spotting and Encounter-centered Couples Transformation. Through their joint passion to understand personal transformation and the power of presence they have road tested their understandings, applying them to their own lives. They have come to understand that people thrive in connection and their passion is in helping people and couples into connection and transformation.

Sue co-founded the Encounter Learning Centre (ELC) with her friend and colleague Noa Rockman in 2012 with a vision to support helping professionals understand how to work within the Relational Paradigm more deeply. The Encounter Learning Centre was the first home to a comprehensive, foundational training in the UK called the Transformative Couples Therapy Training, teaching professionals how to work with couples in the Relational Paradigm.

The Kairos Encounter Centre came into being out of Sue and Brett’s long held, cherished vision to deepen their work together. It is part of the evolution of the services they offer supporting therapists, coaches and other professionals in learning how to work more in depth in the relational paradigm based on Encounter-centered Couples Transformation. Sue and Brett graduated from  Hedy Schleifer’s Masterclass where they participated in the learning and ongoing evolution of Encounter-centered Couples Transformation (EcCT). The trainings Sue and Brett present by invitation provide cutting edge interventions in working with couples in the ethos of Encounter centred Couples Transformation. They have taught and presented in the UK, USA, Holland, Namibia and South Africa.

The vision for the Kairos Encounter Centre is helping people create powerful connection by living from their essence.

If you are interested in hosting Sue and Brett in a training then register your interest: [email protected]

Sarit Shefer joined Sue and Brett at the Kairos Encounter Centre after working with Sue for three years at the Encounter Learning Centre as its’ administrator, as well as assisting Sue in her private practice work.

Sarit studied Business Management at The College of Management Academic Studies in Israel and moved to the UK with her husband, with whom she shares 3 children, in 2003.

Prior to joining Sue at the ELC and subsequently at Kairos Encounter Centre, Sarit managed the Israeli Ambassador’s Office in London, followed by running the office of the Chief Executive of a housing association in North London.

Having attended the couples workshop and trainings run both by Sue and Brett as well as Hedy Schleifer, she is a big supporter of Encounter-centered Couples Transformation and very much enjoys working with Sue and Brett on growing and nurturing Kairos Encounter Centre.

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