Consultation (AKA super vision!)


Consultation really is where together we create a ‘super-vision’ of yourself at practice and can be done either individually or in small groups of 4 participants.


  • A package of 4 individual consultation sessions can be purchased with agreed upon dates. This is the most cost effective way to do individual consultation at a total cost of £360 for the package.
  • Alternatively a single session of consultation can be organised according to Sue’s availability at a cost of £100 per hour.


“A passionate, inspiring and incredibly valuable training led by two exciting and genuine trainers who are travelling the journey themselves which makes the training all the more real.”

— P.T 2015

Group Consultation:

A group will work for a maximum of 2.5 hours (depending on group size) focusing on around 2 questions. A package of 4 sessions running monthly will be available at the following cost:

2 group participants working for 1.5 hours – Total package for 4 sessions £260 per person (£65 per session)

3 group participants working for 2 hours – Total package for 4 sessions £260 per person (£65 per session)

4 group participants working for 2.5 hours – Total Package for 4 sessions £260 per person (£65 per session)

Hedy Schleifer

See Hedy Schleifer, a Master Therapist in Encounter centered Couples Therapy, in action:

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