“Life changing, inspirational, hugely valuable for myself and future relationships – thank you”

— E 2013

Feeling disconnected in your relationship is painful and unsettling – and every couple finds themselves at a crossroad of conflict and potential transformation. You may have lost the dreams you started with and wonder if you can ever reclaim them and have the passionate, secure relationship you set out to create. Maybe there has been an affair and you are trying to heal from it. Maybe you know that it is time to say goodbye in a way that honours and respects your time together. Or maybe you want to reconnect with your partner in a new, exciting way.

Couples come to me saying they need to learn how to communicate better and while that makes sense, I tell them they are always communicating-even in those loaded silences! What is missing is that sense of connection that makes every conversation flow more easily and I am an expert in helping couples learn to create the conditions for connection so that they can reinvent their relationship. With this new understanding couples can quickly begin to clear the debris between them and move forwards with a new excitement energised by the possibilities they have seen. Working in a 2 day Intensive gives you an excellent, cost effective way to do this important piece of work together and can solve a lot of childcare and travelling logistics that working in weekly sessions presents to couples.

I will help you understand how to:

* Learn how to handle conflicts better together.

* Understand how your brain functions and how to use it to shape your relationship positively.

* The three invisible connectors that create connection in any relationship.

* Increase  the passion and intimacy of your togetherness again.

* Increase your confidence in using your relationship skills and tools to develop a deeply satisfying relationship.

In a 2 day Intensive Session I will teach and coach you in an inspiring way of connecting called ‘Crossing the Bridge’, that will begin to clear the pollution away from the space between you and replace it with understanding, safety and intimacy. I will teach you how to repair the rupture that conflict seems to bring and reclaim the joy that is part of a thriving relationship.

As you integrate new skills into your everyday life you will be able to navigate any challenges you face from co-parenting, finances, your sex life and more. You will find that anything can be talked about in a place of safe, respectful and compassionate connection even separation or divorce.

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