Below are a few questions most frequently asked in regards to the work and the different events running. I hope you find the information useful. Should you require any further information please feel free to contact me.

What is unique and different in this work from other relationship models?

Instead of having a three-way conversation about your relationship where the therapist often serves as a bridge of communication for the two of you, I will coach you both in how to visit each other in each of your two worlds. This is a fundamental experiential skill that will benefit all your relationships so it makes sense to let someone show you how and coach you until both of you are feeling more confident in consciously creating conversations this way. I will guide you both into creating the conditions for connection so that you can safely talk about the important things in your relationship. With the all important connection conversations have a profoundly different outcome!

Does your work apply to anyone and everyone?

Yes! This way of connecting works well with all couples regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or racial background and personal history.

What does working with you in an Intensive look like?

You will spend two days from around 9am to 6pm with me, with coffee breaks and about 1.5 hours time to go out for lunch. I will help you look at what you want for your relationship and teach you a vital guiding principle that will help you shift the atmosphere between you from disconnection to connection. As I guide you into creating the conditions for connection you will find your relationship begins to make a lot more sense and a new energy becomes available between you that couples deeply appreciate.

Most couples ask if they can come back in the future for an M.O.T and the answer is “Yes! Although follow up Intensives are usually a single day.”

However in the following weeks, the changes the couple have experienced become increasingly noticeable and couples are often surprised at their new confidence!

Why do you work only in Intensives?

Working with couples in this innovative way has proved to be effective and transformative. Through experience I have found that couples make their transition from where they are to a new way of seeing and doing their relationship by attending a two day Intensive with me or the Couples Workshop, Bridge to Intimacy, followed by a one day Intensive with me. This gives couples chance to ring-fence vital time and focus on shifting from disconnection to a new place of understanding, connection and a new clarity on what they want to do with their relationship.

You can contact Sue directly:

Sue Wintgens 07814 940 858

Will this work really transform my relationship?

I will guide  you into a new, transforming guiding principle and skill so you can navigate the challenges within your relationship safely and effectively. Using this  new guiding principle will help you know how to create the conditions for connection and in that connection will find a new creative energy and hope.

What if my partner doesn't want to come to therapy?

It is quite common that initially one person within the relationship wants to do the work more than the other.
I find many times that lack of information and fear are at the heart of refusing to take part so I invite you to find compassion in yourself toward your partner and see if you can address the issue in a supportive way. I am a telephone call away and would be more than happy to have a short conversation with each of you, to explain my work and what it can do for your relationship. This often helps bring clarity and confidence for both parties to give it a try.

What if I want to end my relationship?

Whatever the stage of your relationship –  conflict, stuck and bored or even considering ending your relationship –it’s important to understand together how your current relationship came to be the way it is and learn a new guiding principle to help you create together a better outcome, whether that is parting or staying together. The Saying Goodbye Intensive is specifically designed to do just this-allowing you to honour your relationship and to say goodbye to it with deep respect, gratitude and hope for the future.

Many couples find new hope and optimism as a result of what they learn through the process.  This is especially critical if you have children that you will be co-parenting.

Couples leave the Intensive with hope for the road ahead whether they decide to stay together or not, and new energy, tools and skills to navigate any future challenges.

My partner and I really want to do the Intensive, but cannot afford it. What can we do?

There are partial scholarships offered through the Kairos Encounter Learning Centre. To be considered, please fill out the scholarship application form and return to [email protected]

What should I expect to get from joining your training ?

This experiential training will give you a map to guide your work with couples and individuals with a new confidence and ease.

It is for professionals (therapists, counsellors, coaches and other helping professionals) who have some experience and are looking to either start working with couples and other dyads or who are looking for new ways to help couples into connection, and  looking to rapidly and conveniently broaden their conceptual understanding of the exciting work with couples and dyads as well as increasing their skill base.

Will I get a certificate for attending your courses?

The KEC gives CPD Certificates for all our trainings and workshops.

Are your courses endorsed by any professional organisations?

Sue is an accredited member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP); NCP Senior Accredited member; Imago Relationship accredited Therapist; Advanced Brainspotting certified and a CSTD certified Supervisor. Brett is an Imago certified Educator and Coach

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