IMAGO Africa Conference 2021- The Science of Human Connection

I was asked by Imago Africa to present at their 2021 International Conference (30 September – 3 October in Johannesburg, SA) as one of their six Connectors. I am delighted to add my energy to this effort as people courageously find their way through a pandemic and back into the new normal. I have chosen an inspired theme with excitement and a sense of destiny:
‘Stepping into the Circle of Life with a couple’

This two hour gathering will be both live and online bringing together people across the continents. We all need to ask ourselves how we can step into the circle of life as we emerge from the pandemic AND we need to know how to thoughtfully with open hearts step into the Circle of life with a couple. There is so much more in those opening moments than gathering information and making a couple comfortable.

Join us as we find out :

  • How to open a richly human space that slows down to a different dimension of time.
  • How to invite our bodies to drop into the best rhythm and state for deep learning.
  • How to draw Essence forward so their inner Teacher can emerge.

More information on the conference can be found here, and to register or for further details please contact [email protected] or [email protected]