What is an intensive?

In an Intensive a couple spends 2 whole days with me being led through a series of innovative, deeply connecting experiences based on ‘Crossing the Bridge’. Time flies by as you spend time with each other learning and exploring the absolute logic of your own unique relationship and experiencing a series of rapid shifts that will astonish you. Whether you are looking to reconnect, heal an affair or say goodbye there is an Intensive for you.


“Life changing, inspirational, hugely valuable for myself and future relationships – thank you”

— E 2013
There are 3 different  Connection Intensives on offer, all designed to get to the heart of your relationship:
  • The Connection Intensive to help couples explore and improve their connection, deal with conflict and difficult things in their history. It helps reconnect a couple so they can choose how they would like to move forward.
  • Making Amends Intensive to guide couples towards understanding and healing after a relational trauma ( an affair, a death, financial crisis) make amends and decide how they would like to move forward.
  • Saying Goodbye Intensive to help couples in the process of separating where one or both want to work out how they got to where they are, honour their time together and release their energy  for creating a new future. This is particularly important if there are children involved.

At the end of the 2 day Intensive you will be handed a pack which contains important things you have said, an information leaflet about carrying on the experience and some recommendations of resources to explore.  We may think a later one day follow-up to the Intensive may be helpful,  if there has been a relational bruise within your history that would benefit from a further day – this is usually done some months later once you have assessed the changes from your 2 day Intensive.

The cost of the two day Intensive Session is £1800, with 50% payable at booking and the remainder due 5 days prior to the session.

If you have any questions or need more information you might find it under my FAQ page or click here to enquire about an Intensive.

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