Karios Encounter Centre

Kairos Encounter Centre

The Kairos Encounter Centre came from Sue and Brett’s vision to present training and support to therapists, coaches and other professionals in learning how to work in the Relational Paradigm through a variety of resources . Our combined experience as therapist and coach makes our trainings innovative and richly rewarding, and as graduates of Hedy Schleifer’s Masterclass we participate in the learning and ongoing evolution of working with couples in the Relational Paradigm called Encounter-centered Couples Transformation (EcCT).

We offer a variety of trainings in collaboration with interested professionals:


What is an Intensive? In an Intensive a couple spends 2 whole days with me being led through a series of innovative, deeply connecting experiences based on ‘Crossing the Bridge’. Time flies by …

Kairos Encounter Centre

We run a variety of events for helping professionals and others interested in relationships with Trainings, monthly free Learning Circle, CPD days and more…

Brett Wintgens

Coaching takes you down the road of your experience and offers you insights and ideas about what actions you might take.  If it were that simple people probably would not need coaching, just simply choosing the right action to take!

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