Online Intensives

Online Intensives

Most of you know that part of my history is South African and indeed I hold that as part of my identity even after decades living in the UK. One of the most powerful leaders to emerge from this country was of course Nelson Mandela – a true leader who invited us all to recover or essential humanity and love. His quotes have often inspired me and here is one of them:

“Let your choices be made from hope and not fear.”

As we all went into lockdown, my work was suspended – both the Intensives and the trainings, as most people booked in for both were coming from abroad to do the work. At first I gave myself time to just feel that space of having a sabbatical organised by the Universe! I relished the opportunity to read, reflect and enjoy Spring. I was also aware of the need to slow down and honour the effect of living through what was emerging as a worldwide pandemic.

And then a nagging question began to emerge. Given that this lockdown and the reverberations looked to last many months if not into next year, what about the couples needing support and the new skills and principles I offer?

So I reached out to a couple who had inquired about the possibility of an Online Intensive experience and together we took the adventure. The outcome was surprisingly effective and fruitful! This is what they had to say:

“We are doing good as a couple and DEFINITELY much better after our Zoom adventure with you . It seems like something has shifted and we know it has got to do with your intervention.” – Mariaan and Stefan Uys 2020


Since then I have continued to offer couples this experience with a slightly different format. The Online Intensive is split into 3 days, ideally done within a week. The first day runs from 8:30am-6:30pm and the second and third days both run from 9:00am-1:30pm. I hold these sessions on the conferencing platform Zoom and you will receive a link to the recordings of the 3 sessions. On your end, you will need a good internet connection, a quiet place to do the work, a microphone to attach to your top and a Bluetooth speaker (if the sound on your laptop is not loud enough for you).

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