When couples go ‘off course’! (event)

When couples go ‘off course’!

Working confidently with the unexpected in the room

21 May; 28 May; 4 June; 11 June; 18 June – 6:30-8:30pm (UK time)
£250 per person

10 CPD hours

We all have a unique opportunity to refresh, re-learn and expand our skills and understanding in these challenging times. But even more importantly, to gather as a community of people and practitioners to cherish, support and inspire each other. The world needs us as guides to relational maturity and health like never before both now and in the recovery phase of this world wide shift.
This course is designed to give you a gathering place to be informed and inspired and to deepen your conceptual understanding of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.

In this online training, When Couples Go Off Course, we will explore how to take the Path even when we are not sure it is the Path!

1.      Mapping a couple’s journey

  • What do you need to guide them into the unknown?
  • Owning your contract and expertise and their expertise
  • The importance of the foundational blocks
  1. Helping a couple into ownership
  • Honouring ambivalence
  • Being clear about your agenda
  • Working through the deep wisdom of the body
  1. Path….what Path!
  • When you as the guide are confused
  • When the road forks unexpectedly
  • Doing the stepping stone before you
  1. The sex problem
  • Working with different desire levels
  • Expanding from the issue to the adventure
  • Owning your expertise and your incompetence
  1. Trauma in the room
  • The spectrum we call trauma
  • Honouring trauma and shifting focus
  • Letting the body do the integration

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